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A community for 11-25’s that is inclusive, participative, equipping, and encouraging. At the core of Glenwood Youth is a group of young people who follow Jesus, and believe that kindness is the kindling. Come and join us around the campfire, drop in to our youth room, sign up for a skills workshop, play sport, make craft, bake, learn guitar, come on work experience, or help us do kind things for others…

The Youth Room regularly hosts games and craft nights, faith breakfasts, Monday Study Space and a Wellbeing Group. Our collaborative mural was inspired and painted around St. David’s phrase “do the little things” showing hospitality through a teabag and crumpet, growth through Welsh rain and seedlings, and the outline of a helping hand.



Be it Bike Maintenance, Birdbox Building, Camera & Film, Cooking, Cross Stitch, Drama, Gardening and more… our monthly-themed workshops rotate around various skills and activities, get in touch to find out what’s coming next and to reserve your place!


We all get together to celebrate the seasons - whether it's our Summer Special (the one with the tie dye!), October Glow Games, or an Advent Campfire - look out on socials to find out what's coming up next!

Thursdays once a month, £1 on the door.


Our weekly Sunday Faith Breakfast is an opportunity to catch up and share our thanks, look to the week ahead, play games, and of course... enjoy toasted waffles! It starts at 10.30am in the youth room, and ends with a time of quiet reflection. All are welcome: whether you say you don't have a faith, you have lots of faith, or only a little!


Get involved at Glenwood! The Young Volunteer Scheme welcomes anyone who is 11-25 to be a part of the team, to share your skills, and discover new ones. Whether it's for work experience, a half term project, a college placement, or to join our Internship... get in touch to find out more.


Head over to the 18-25s page to find out more about how you can get involved and meet people in your age group.


We believe in the potential of all young people, and want to support you in the best way we can. What might the year ahead look like?!

Insert your idea here ____________!


If you are a young person wanting to get involved, or you know a young person who may be interested, get in touch with Laura using the form below. Support is also available for young people by text or the Glenwood Youth Instagram account. 

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