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Serving is a great way to get stuck into the life of Glenwood and meet new people. Volunteers are valued members of the team who bring dedication, skills, time, and energy for the benefit of the wider community. The array of projects taking place within Glenwood Faith Community mean there’s lots of ways you can get involved, including:

Children & Youth Clubs • Cleaning & Maintenance Jobs • Food & Hospitality • Music & Tech • Nature & Gardening Projects • Office & Administration • Practical Support • Serving the Older Community



Glenwood Church takes responsibility for ensuring that all volunteers within are supported, trained, appropriately involved, valued for their contribution. 




Young People are valued members of the community, who bring fresh energy, ideas, and perspectives. Our Young Volunteer Scheme  equips young people with transferable life skills, and provides an opportunity to ‘give back’ to the community, whilst having fun along the way! If you are 11-25, and interested in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you!




We offer a creative and bespoke internship for 18-25’s. Working in partnership with Going Public, the internship is crafted around each individual, and is an opportunity to bring your skills, and discover new ones…

join a team!

Find out how you can get involved within the life of the Glenwood Faith Community - get in touch with Clare using the form below.

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