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As Glenwood Faith Community we seek to serve society in the best way we can: living out and demonstrating the love of God. The following policies and procedures help us to develop a transparent and safe space for all.

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The Safeguarding Policy details our intent on promoting the wellbeing and care of children, young people, and adults who might be at risk of harm, preventing abuse from occurring, and protecting those who have been harmed.


If you have a Safeguarding concern, please contact our Safeguarding Officers,

Jane & Dave Jones

Phone: 029 2033 7880



Our Whistleblowing Policy details how to make a disclosure in public interest.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Glenwood Faith Community recognises that everyone is of value, and celebrates the image of God in all people.  We are committed to social justice, and resolutely opposed to discrimination in society. Policy coming soon.

Volunteer Policy

Glenwood Faith Community values the dedication, skills, time, and energy that volunteers bring to the team. We take responsibility for ensuring that all volunteers within Glenwood are supported, trained, appropriately involved, and valued for their contribution.

For more details, please see our Volunteer Policy.

Volunteer Policy

Privacy Notice

Glenwood Church is committed to protecting your privacy and will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Act 2018. As detailed in our Privacy Policy, your details will be kept safe and secure, only used by us, or those who work for us, and will not be shared or sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

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