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We value many forms of small groups in Glenwood and recognise that belonging to a small community is a helpful way to get to know people and grow deeper in faith. In community we share life together, offering hospitality and friendship, celebrating and giving thanks, supporting and walking alongside one another.


 &  Sizes

Glenwood small groups come in various shapes and sizes. From traditional groups that are based around bible study and discussion, to shorter termly run groups based around specific topics or rhythms (for example a Book Club, or a weekly Meal & Prayer).

Activity   based

You may prefer to join a small community that gathers around a specific sport or activity. There are various groups like these within the Faith Community, and they can be helpful ways of getting to know people and sharing life together.


Throughout the year led courses are run with opportunities for discussion and reflection, these include: The Bereavement Journey, Mental Wellbeing, and Explore.




We recognise that families and households come in different shapes and sizes, and celebrate the various ways in which the Faith Community shares life together. Some share houses, mealtimes, or prayer rhythms. Some foster, are Safe Families, or are part of Homes for Ukraine


   a group

If you would like to find out more about the small groups that run and how you can be a part of one, get in touch with Simon using the form below.

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