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Meet the team...

Alice Jackman


Compulsive gardener, besotted granny, wild adventurer.

Clare Reay


Book lover, tea drinker, and the glue that holds us all together.

Emma Dobson

Children & Families

Dungarees, paper-diaries, and champion of the power of play!

Isaac Camilleri

Going Public

Video maker, Lego obsessor, and a wannabe photographer!

Nkini Pulei


Proud African, humble gardener, owner of many hats.

Part of the Leadership Team

Jane Francis

Welcome & Hospitality

Loves music, gardening, and all things Radio 4.

Part of the Leadership Team

Norman Adams

Nurture & Wellbeing

A wannabe actor - professional footballer - historian!

Part of the Leadership Team

Laura Bradford

Youth & Internship

Coffee brewer

Campfire builder

Part of the Leadership Team

Paul Francis

Church Leader

Prolific wallet loser, lover of good food, oil rig worker in a by-gone lifetime.

Part of the Leadership Team

Rachel Treseder

Community, Nurture & Wellbeing

Find her by the sea of on a mountain

Part of the Leadership Team

Ruth Heavyside

Going Public

Runner, dressmaker, and Kubb Olympic hopeful

Simon Gray

Nurture & Wellbeing

Loves water-sports, gardening, and croquet

Part of the Leadership Team

The Glenwood Church Trustees are: Clive Evans - Ester Mantle - Norman Adams - Paul Francis - Rob Parsons

and many Volunteers who make it all possible!
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