Our vision as a student community is “to be intentional apprentices of Jesus, working out how to actually follow him in every part of our lives”. This means being vulnerable with one another, stepping out in faith and taking risks with God. If that sounds like something you’re up for (or at least intrigued by) come along and find out more.

Alongside regular church events, there are lots of activities and opportunities especially for students. If you wish, you can also get more involved in church life through creative arts, social action, children and youth work, just to mention a few.

Large churches can be great, but we’ve found church works best when you’re able to connect at a smaller, more intimate level as well. There are different ways to do that, but a few to highlight are…

Small Groups

When we’re not meeting as a whole community, we meet as small groups in homes, halls, coffee shops etc. It’s in these smaller communities that you really get to know people, share life together and begin to work out what it means to be a Christian at university.

The Gathering

Once a term we get all of the students together for food, worship, teaching and prayer.
This will be at 7.30pm


You’ll find students at all our Sunday services starting at 10.45am.