Commitment to Safeguarding

As Jesus followers we seek to serve our society in the best way we can, living out and demonstrating the love of God.  We uphold safeguarding as one of our core principles, and take the responsibility of developing a transparent and safe culture for all seriously.
This is our commitment.

The Glenwood Safeguarding Policy details our intent on promoting the wellbeing and care of children, young people, and adults who might be at risk of harm, preventing abuse from occurring, and protecting those who have been harmed.

Glenwood’s Designated Safeguarding Officers

If you have a Safeguarding concern, please contact our Safeguarding Officers,
Jane & Dave Jones
Phone: 029 2033 7880

Responding to an allegation, concern, or disclosure

Have you noticed or recognised a sign of abuse or neglect? It is your duty to respond safely and effectively.

Report your safeguarding concern to our designated Safeguarding Officers without delay.  After any incident or disclosure, make a written record of what you have seen or heard.  Be specific, record exact dates, times.  (Glenwood Record Forms are available on site.)

The Safeguarding Officer will then advise on the next steps required.  Where there is a genuine concern for a person’s safety, it must be referred to the correct authority.  In this instance, the Safeguarding Officer will help to escalate the concern with Social Services and the local authority contact, police, or any other relevant partner agencies.

If there is a danger to life, risk of serious injury, a serious crime in progress or about to happen, ring 999 immediately.

Safeguarding Policy

Promoting the wellbeing of all who are part of the Glenwood Faith Community, by creating a team and environment in which safeguarding can thrive.

Read our Policy Here

Working Together

We work together with the Welsh Government, who have standardised practice across all of Wales and between agencies.

Download the Wales Safeguarding App Here

Safeguarding Officers

Jane & Dave Jones are our designated Safeguarding Officers, and can be contacted in the event of an allegation, concern, or disclosure.