Glenwood Leadership Team

Paul Francis

Paul moved to Cardiff to study engineering and ended up working for Glenwood Church as Youth Leader! Paul served for seven years in this role before spending two years studying Theology at Trinity College Bristol. He returned to Glenwood to be involved in their church planting program and subsequently joined the leadership team. He now helps lead that team as well as the larger Glenwood Faith Community. He loves reading, watching films and would still love to be playing rugby. He is married to Jane .

Norman Adams

Norman and his wife, Caroline moved to Cardiff from North Wales in 1976 when he qualified as a solicitor. They became members of Glenwood just over a year later, shortly after Glenwood church was started. Norman joined the Leadership Team in 1983, while practicing in a well known local firm of solicitors where he was a partner for 23 years. In 2001 he left the firm to become a part time staff member at Glenwood. This meant that he could concentrate on his growing pastoral work.

Rachel Treseder

Rachel has been a member of Glenwood Church since 2005 when she moved from Swansea to Cardiff with her job as an occupational therapist. She now works for the church using this past experience as an occupational therapist to develop the pastoral and therapeutic care for the church and local community. She also lives in a community house in Roath where hospitality (great meals around the table!) and prayer are important values lived out together. And she really loves going on adventures in her yellow van!

Jane Francis

Jane comes from just outside Cardiff, but came here to study History. She then went on to teach in the Secondary sector, and loved it so much that she ended up teaching for 28 years without a moment of boredom through the whole of that time! (Probably most teachers’ experience – you haven’t got time to be bored!) A few years ago she felt that God was asking her to give up her job to give more time to the church in a voluntary capacity. She is responsible for liaising between the church and the Community. She loves music, watching a good thriller, gardening and all things Radio 4.

Nkini Pulei

Nkini was born in Kenya and moved to the UK in 2001 aged 16, being very sure it was only temporary is surprised to still be around! Nkini first came to Glenwood Church for a wedding in 2007 a year before she joined the Church. Helping hoover the hall after the wedding, she really had no idea then that it was going to be the first time of many more occasions she would hoover the hall at Glenwood. Trained as an occupational therapist, she is passionate about seeing lives and communities transformed. 

David Rees

Originally from Crickhowell in the Brecon Beacons. David moved to Cardiff in 2005 to study Physiotherapy and started attending Glenwood church in 2007. In 2008 he was joined in Cardiff by Madeline and they were married in August 2009. David works as a Physiotherapist and specialises in Mental Health. He lives with Madeline and their sons Caleb and Sam in St Mellons and are part of the Koinonia community. David has the responsibility for Worship at Glenwood.