Finance and Giving 

We don’t tend to talk very much about money as a church. It can be off-putting for visitors, and we never want people to feel under pressure.  However, giving is an important part of discipleship, and we do believe in being a generous church, giving cheerfully to the needs around us. Simply put, giving is part of our community life together.

Glenwood Church Budget
We operate on a yearly budget which is set by the leadership and approved by the members and trustees.  The vast majority of our income is based on the money that individuals give to the church and to that end we encourage people to handle their finances discreetly, honourably, and responsibly and to practice regular and generous giving.

As a community, we take joy in the ways our faith is made stronger through giving and receiving.  If you are committed to Glenwood Church could we please ask you to prayerfully consider your giving.

How Do I Give to Glenwood Church?

Standing Order
This is a simple option for people who want their giving to be regular and consistent, that reduces our admin costs and helps with our budgeting. Please complete mandate and return it to the church office.

Cheques And Cash
Gifts can be placed in the collection every Sunday morning or posted to the church office. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Glenwood Church’.

What Is Gift Aid?

If you are a UK taxpayer, Glenwood Church is able to reclaim a further 25% of the value of your gift. For us to be able to claim tax back on your gifts, you need to sign a declaration which you can do by printing out and completing the ‘gift aid’ section of the mandate above and sending it to the church office.

Alternatively, cash and cheque gifts can be placed in a brown gift aid envelope which can be found at the welcome desk.

More Information

To find out more about how to give please contact the Glenwood Finance Team:

Glenwood Church Centre
Circle Way West
CF23 6UW

What The Bible Says …

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Malachi 3:10-11;
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3 John 5-8;
2 Corinthians 9:5-12;
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