Glenwood is a great place to meet people, make friends,

connect and share the life of faith together.

The Menu

At Glenwood church we value the importance of community. We are committed to helping you to connect to others in a deeper way to encourage spiritual growth and development.

The menu provides a number of different ways to do this and allows you to choose what works for you. We would encourage you to get connected in some way; through small groups, praying for the work of the church at Kindle, enjoying a contemplative space of worship at Breathe and discovering the Bible in a deeper way at Explore.

Monthly time to wait on God together:
to pray, to listen, to bless, to speak.
First Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm

Tuesday 14th November: Christmas@Glenwood
Tuesday 5th December: Neighbours
Tuesday 9th January: The Junction
Tuesday 13th February: Friendship & Thursdays@Glenwood

Contact – Helen Griffiths

Exploring the Bible and Biblical perspectives on a range of topics.
We meet every term for 2 weekly sessions on a Monday evening at 7.30pm

Dates for 2017
29th January 2018
5th February 2018

Contact – Paul Francis

A regular space to worship, reflect and encourage the use of spiritual gifts

To be held 5 times a year on a Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm

Future Dates
28th November 2017
23rd January 2018
20th March 2018

Contact – David Rees

Through one to one relationship helping us to develop and grow as a disciple of Jesus. We can help to connect you with someone and provide resources to discuss and share together.

Contact the church office for more information.