Communitas is a forum for groups and individuals who have chosen to live intentionally in and through community. Most are influenced by, or are part of, the movement of New Monasticism*. Some live together in communal housing, while others live across multiple houses in close geographical proximity.

The network is informal, but those attending share common commitments:

  • to shared life with others in their community,
  • to neighbourhood and hospitality,
  • to a radical and generous rule of life.

While the groups and individuals attending vary in how they live out these commitments, the impetus to do so is common: The desire to grow community is an act of discipleship in the Way of Christ – led by the Spirit, and grounded in the Love of God.

A common theme across groups and individuals attending is the ‘call to the edge’. This call acknowledges ‘the edge’ as a place of primary encounter with Christ: whether this is the geographical peripheries – moving to isolated communities or ‘borderlands’, or the social boundaries – seeking to walk in solidarity with those who are marginalized. Here we recognise God’s presence and see God’s grace in our neighbours – encountering Christ in both the extending and receiving of community.

As a network we recognise our differences and value our diversity. We desire to be inclusive, mindful and nurturing of who each other are. We also try to actively combat marginalisation and raise consciousness of where intersecting oppressions have affected, and continue to affect, a person’s ability to participate in community. We welcome all people regardless of their age, race, colour, gender identity, nationality, economic circumstance, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or emotional condition.

As part of the journey we meet up for three or four weekends a year, to offer a forum space to bless and encourage one another and to share stories, learning, and experiences, that empower us to live out this calling.

*For more check out the 12 Marks of New Monasticism 

The next sessions are below:

Friday 16th February
7pm – 9.30pm at Glenwood Church: Food and Stories

Saturday 17th February
9.30am – 1pm at Glenwood Church: Stories from Common Ground Community, and input from
Rev. Al Barrett

If you would like more information please contact Paul, Helen or Tom at: